About Us

The Story of How It All Began…

After a journey of self-discovery, our founder, Hanky, realized how important it is for people to learn about the fundamental “beings” that would bring about joy and result in people’s life. He wished that he had learnt about this earlier.

Hence, he quit his then secured and lucrative job as a corporate trainer to start a business in training preschool children to nurture their self-esteem, build their confidence, focus, etc. He would go to various schools to run programmes for children. He garnered so much result and good reviews that parents and teachers alike started to ask him to set up his own company, which he eventually did after 8 years in the industry.

He found an investor who was aligned in his vision and had faith in what he did.  He then convinced his first business partner who at that time had just left her job and was in search of a new passion. In the first year, there were only 3 coaches in the company. By the 2nd year, another 7 coaches joined and eventually became the shareholders of the company.

From the 3rd year onwards we continued to double our number of coaches. We included young, passionate, energetic and inspiring people from all walks of life who are aligned to our company’s vision and mission, as well as live and breathe our core values.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To create world peace and abundance by developing enlightened leaders through children.

Our Mission

We create the ultimate platform for children to live up to their full potential by providing the greatest experiential learning moments through a team of fabulous coaches.

Our Ten Core Values

  • Focus on the Vision
  • Do the Right Thing
  • WOW Children with Love
  • Create Happiness and Positivity
  • Embrace Openness
  • Take Ownership and Be Responsible
  • Play and Think Bigger
  • Learn and Grow
  • Give Unconditionally
  • Spark Wackiness

Why HANKidz

We pride ourselves for having a team of coach who are passionate, dynamic and loving, and who are committed to creating unforgettable learning moments for the children. Our coaches are well-trained in early childhood education, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Experiential Learning Methodology.

We also pride ourselves as the first-in-market that focus on developing children’s character and leadership potential, especially for children aged 5 – 12 years old. According to Dr Massey, 0 – 7 years old is the imprint period where children absorb everything around them like a sponge and accept as much of it as true. Hence, it’s crucial that we protect and set the right foundation for our child from the early age on.

Our programmes are carefully designed with well-researched technologies such as Neurolinguistic Programming, Experiential Learning Methodologies, Multiple Intelligence, Early Childhood Psychologies and more. They are also well experienced with many parents testifying to our effectiveness in creating lasting results for their children.

We work very closely with parents to deliver visible results and change. We empower parents by sharing and coaching parents how they can support their child at home. We also have periodical discussions and updates with parents to keep them up to date on their child’s progress.

Our Methodology

We use the following methodology / technology in designing & delivering our programmes:


Theories do not last long in our memories, but experiences do! Through games & activities, children discover their mode of being and how they operate. The learning is individual rather than general, personal rather than impersonal.  Since the learning for individual is personal and children learn by doing, the learning will stick with them for many years to come!


Different children learn differently.  By knowing how the mind works! Our delivery methods ensure that the children can appreciate, understand and retain all those learning well, consciously and unconsciously. We also empower children by teaching them specific NLP techniques that will boost their ability, confidence, effectiveness and much more.


Children learn best when they want to learn, and not forced to learn. Hence, we make our classes really fun and engaging through fun-filled activities, games, stories and unique experiences. Every time they come to the class, they can expect it to be something new, fun, insightful and engaging.


  • Dear all HANKCoaches, I'm so happy that I have achieved my goal this year as a soaring star in my school and won numerous national competitions. All of you especially coach Olly, KC, Hank, Loki have supported me all the way to engage and grow especially in times of challenges. HANKidz has trained and coached me to be a leader not only for myself, but equipped me with tools to face challenges and work effectively with people in my life. Thanks so much. I really learnt a lot from you all to make me visionary, determined and passionate towards what I do.

    Summer Saw Graduate of Leader’s Path, Jan 2017
  • Well done to the organising committee together with all coaches for such an outstanding event - Kidzathon 2016 this morning at Desa Park City Sport Center.

    Ailynn Chua Mei Har Parent, Oct 2016
  • This is a place where both kids and parents learn to strive better. All the coaches are amazing in guiding the kids in their own way. It's not expensive if you sign up your children for the entire year rather than paying quarterly.

    Dan Chong Father of Elise who Graduated from Mirador’s Guide & currently enrolled in Leader’s Path, Oct 2016
  • This was my 4th leadership training camp of the year; however I do feel excited and looked forward for a truly different camp of all. I was very much inspired by the various games and activities in this camp. My favorite was the “Burung Hantu” game. I had to walk through a forest at night, blindfolded, and with a pair of unknown hands guiding us through the dark. I had to follow my instincts to finish the journey. I understand that in real life, there will always be helping hands guiding me through life’s journey too.

    Another heartwarming event was the “Rainy Day Notes”. I received countless beautiful, encouraging and inspiring messages from the coaches and friends. The notes are like cardiac stimulant to me, they help me to regain my strength and spirit when I am down with sadness and disappointment.

    The camp has altered my skills; such as patience, leadership, communication and team work. I've learnt so much in three days, my biggest achievement was being patience and tolerance as a group leader, and how I learnt it was through effective communication and positive relationship with my group members to achieve the same goal. Other fun experiences include going all out (100%), and winning comes after having fun.

    The coaches who organized this event are truly passionate about children motivation and leadership, and are caring and inspiring. Having to see the coaches and my friends’ faces light up is not something I will forget soon. I would like to thank Coach Ellie, Coach Xue Yi, Coach Jason and Coach Wilson for a wonderful and memorable camp.

    Go HANKidz!

    Nuan Ning Participant of Sri KL Music Camp, August 2016
  • Truly amazing to see the courage instilled in my child such that he could emcee a wedding ceremony! Definitely a big transformation!

    Foo Ai Li Mother of Dexel Loo (10 Years Old)
  • HANKidz has definitely created a leadership culture at my school. I can see my students bursting with confidence & having the habits of a leader!

    Irene Yap Principal of Smart Reader Kids, Taman Melati
  • Apart from the confidence, my students are now leading with purpose, focusing on care for others and respecting each other as part of their daily habits.

    Mr. Liew Disciplinary Teacher, Sri KL

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