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Transforming children into leaders

Signature Programmes


Mirador’s Guide (5-7 years old)

Children learn essential leadership principles through various activities and stories of successful leaders.  At such a young age, they “absorb” and thrive in an environment where they build a solid foundation of self-esteem, focus, courage, respect, sense of responsibility and more.


Leaders’ Path (8-12 years old)

Children discover important values and reflect on their behaviour through the games that they play. They can decide to change the way they behave if it does not serve them and they’ll be taught how to change.

They’ll also learn powerful NLP techniques that’ll give them the edge and accelerate their growth and results.

Special Programmes



KidzCEOClub is designed to build a foundation for a child to be a great and inspiring leader who is able to lead and connect with people easily. They will learn to manage people, resources, and generate ideas, such that they can create results for themselves and others. Imagine what world your child can create when they attend the club every second Sunday of the month!

holiday programme

Holiday Programmes

Specially designed and crafted programmes to build your child’s self-confidence, focus and many more! And guess what, every holiday programme is NEVER the same! This is the best time to have your child experience something unique and exciting and come home with new learnings.


Parenting Workshops

Children are born with unlimited potential. Whether it stays the same or not – depends on their parent’s ability to inspire, motivate & nurture them to bring out the best in them.

In HANKidz, we empower the parents with profound mindsets and time-tested parenting & NLP tools so that they can bring about the change in themselves and their children’s life.

The parenting workshops are done in an experiential and engaging manner. We have a broad variety of topics to suit your parenting needs, be it preventive, corrective or creative! Join us for a fulfilling journey as you learn tools that will not only empower you but also your children forward!


Teacher’s Training Workshops

We understand what it takes to nurture children so that they will be able to take on different challenges in their lives and how constantly upgrading our knowledge to be effective in doing so is important as well. Hence, our teacher trainings are specially crafted to suit the needs of different schools and teachers.

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