HANKidz is made up of a team of dynamic, energetic and wacky coaches. Yes, we are a fun bunch and yet are not afraid to give you a piece of our minds as well. We believe in peace and abundance and are constantly excited to build a world that is led by principled leaders who are enlightened and forward moving.

We come from various backgrounds, from accounting and finance, to marketing, from psychology to broadcasting. So we really appreciate the diversity that we have as a team and this allows us to always seek first to understand each other so that we can continue to work together and build the ultimate platform for the children to unleash their full potential.


Coach Hanky

For the past decade, Hanky has served as an advisor to schools and organisations around the world. His dedication in life and avid quest for children’s peak performance, gives him a unique and powerful ability to address children from an integrated and comprehensive level.

Hanky is the founder and CEO of HANKidz, an organisation dedicated to empower schools and children to create success in all areas of their lives. As a coach and mentor, Hanky has taught thousands of children in various schools to create effective results in areas such as self-leadership, confidence in public speaking, teamwork, responsibility and goal-setting.

Prior to this, Hanky co-founded Discovery House, a kids’ leadership training centre that specialises in building a child’s confidence in public speaking, goal-setting and character-building. It has reached more than 20,000 children nationwide. In addition to being constantly invited for special appearances in the media and radio stations, Hanky also has been featured in The Star newspaper.

Graduated from the Northern University of Malaysia, Hanky kick-started his career as a trainer for Maybank, Southern Bank and CIMB Group. Certified as a 7 Habits of Highly Effective People practitioner, Hanky leveraged on his experience in training career spanning across the globe that has brought him the opportunity to work with various schools such as Beacon House, REAL Kids, Tadika Diyana, Smart Reader Kids, Sri KL, Cambridge English For Life, Modern Montessori International, Kindyland Tropicana, Kinderland, Qdees and more…


Coach Amy

EMAIL: [email protected]
MOBILE: +6 012 221 7719

Amelia (or more affectionately known as Coach Amy) is a loving and committed coach. Children adore Amy for her ability to connect and inspire them.

In almost three years, Amy has coached more than 100 children on leadership, motivational workshops and team building activities, she believes that confidence building should happen when a child is still young. She also led our team on a very successful nationwide preschool talent competition in partnership with a nationwide known brand involving around 500 children from 50 schools.

Amy graduated with an Honor in Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetic from International Medical University. Prior to joining Hankidz, Amy trains various stakeholders in hospitals, clinics & nursing homes on nutrition-related matter. She’s also active in various community projects.

Amy’s passion is to advocate on the importance of health and nutrition for all and in every aspect of life.

As a coach, she gets to influence and inspire moms and teachers to feed the children correctly from the very beginning to create a nutritionally fit & healthier lifestyle.

Amy is also an adventurous coach who loves the amazing outdoors and always challenges herself in many ways. Recently, she has also ventured into the early children education industry as well in which she is responsible for planning out nutritious meals for children in the HANKidz Leadership Preschool. Her love for children translated into many successful performances too by her classes and she constantly find ways to outdo herself every year. As such, our partners in various kindergartens always look to Amy for fresh ideas and consultations.

Armed with such extensive understanding and practical experience in nutrition, she’s a master when it comes to coaching children on healthy living.

Contact her and be inspired to live well!


Coach Emily

Emily is an energetic, empowering and exciting coach. She strives to inspire and motivate people around her to pursue their dreams and find their own calling in life. She has a great passion for public speaking and leadership training. She strongly believes in creating value for others through experiential learning and coaching.

Emily is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Leveraging on the tools, she coaches people to consistently achieve their desired outcome using the language in their mind. Emily also works very closely with children, youths and adults in developing their character and being.

Besides that, Emily is a graduate of Bachelor of Business, major in Marketing and International Trade. Since 2015, she has been actively involved in HANKidz in the journey of pursuing her passion. She conducts and supports trainings related to public speaking, leadership and personal development.

Here’s a quote that Emily holds on in her life; “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” – Steve Jobs


Coach KC

EMAIL: [email protected] 
MOBILE: +6 014 738 0436

KC is a focused, fun and passionate coach who will do whatever it takes to coach and impact children and adults positively in life.

He is a role model and top student in schools and colleges alike. Having achieved academic excellence (Full A’s) in every major exam and full scholarship for his degree course, he knows what it takes to be an effective & excellent learner (both academically and in life). KC is also an active leader holding important positions in various community projects.

KC is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from International Coaching Federation (ICF) who has the expertise and experience to create sustainable transformative change from within. Over the years, KC has coached and inspired many individuals from children as young as 4 years old to adults like parents, corporate executives and teachers. Leveraging the essence of coaching from ICF, coupled with his training and coaching experiences, he has been co-creating many powerful shifts from the deepest low to the highest high with his coachees.

He is also a senior coach and partner in HANKidz, a children leadership organization that aims to transform children into leaders. He has been living and driving the company’s vision together with his team because that is what he strongly believes in. His roles include managing the finance and reporting, developing training and coaching modules, as well as training and coaching children, trainers, coaches, educators and parents.

Some of his recent engagements include several Q-dees schools, Sri KL International School, Fairview International School, Sunway University, Monash University, Rotaract Club and many more.

KC believes that learning can be fun and that everyone is born capable of achieving anything they want in life. Just like children, everyone else can be like a clean sheet of paper, waiting to be painted with great and positive things that will help them excel in life and create a better world for all.

Get in touch with him today to jump-start your path to excellence.


Coach Olly

EMAIL: [email protected]
MOBILE: +6 012 676 9680

Olivia Ong is a passionate and inspiring speaker who consults, coaches and trains on personal empowerment, effective communication and relationship building area. Her motto, Living Life to the Fullest, drives her on the continuing quest to help people transform their dreams to destiny!

She is a certified master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming by ABNLP, certified master practitioner in Time Line Therapy® by TLTA and master practitioner in Hypnotherapy by ABH, fellow member of ACCA and qualified CFA member (2004-2009).

Olly started off as a professional business consultant on mergers and acquisition deals for 8 years in the area of financial due diligence, financial modelling, valuation, business restructuring and receivership. She has also worked abroad in China for 2 years in the same field.

Along the way, Olly grew to love that which dictates and unleash human’s enormous, unlimited potential – the affairs of the heart and the mind. In 2008, she became a trainer to consultants in a Big Four accounting firm for 4 years. Since 2008, she has also become a life coach and has coached many to follow their dreams and live life to the fullest, having breakthroughs in relationships, work, life purpose, heightened self-esteem and unwavering focus and commitment to achieve their fullest potentials.

Her sincere approach and genuine passion coupled with her vast experience in business and coaching allows her to relate to individuals and empower them to move forward. Some of her recent engagements include Pizza Hut, KFC, Baker Tilly Monteiro Heng, Shell, Sarawak Energy Bhd, Yelaoshr and many more.

She is also the co-founder for HANKidz, a leadership coaching organization that aims to transform children into leaders. Her roles include coaching all the coaches in HANKidz, developing the training curriculum for children of all ages, developing the training and coaching modules for parents, as well as training and coaching children, educators and parents alike.

Olly believes in life-long learning and enjoys learning about how the mind and body works and the mystical knowledge of metaphysics, quantum physics and life’s philosophy. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

Get in touch with her and be inspired.


Coach Xue Yi

EMAIL: [email protected]
MOBILE: +6 017 306 1790

Coach Xue Yi is the CLO (Chief Lifestyle Officer) in HANKidz. She is a passionate & dynamic coach who fascinates children through her vivid storytelling ability.

Having broken through her shyness during her childhood period, she recognises the empowerment that leadership training imparted. This drives her to continuously make a stand to create a platform where children can learn leadership skills at a very young age.

Xue Yi was a high achieving student receiving scholarship and achieving first honour for her Degree in Accounting. Besides that, she was also active in various educational and community projects.

She is also the CIO (Chief Inspirer Officer) for HANKidz Leadership Preschool, a place that aims to create memorable WOW childhood by providing the happiest place through a team of awesome teachers.

Her roles include managing and provides training to all the coaches in HANKidz and teachers in HANKidz Leadership Preschool, developing the leadership curriculum for children of preschool ages, as well as training and coaching children, educators and parents alike. Some of her recent engagements include Sri KL Music Camps, Sri KDU CCA Camp, Yelaoshr and many more.

Xue Yi love children for their authenticity and believes that leadership skills are essential for children to excel and achieve their full potential. Her motto in life is to give without expectation.

Get in touch with her today and challenge yourself to greater heights.


Coach Winnie

EMAIL: [email protected]
MOBILE: +017 773 9621

Winnie is a loving, patient and passionate coach who cares for children and always make a point to take extra miles to create impact and change in the children.

She truly believes that education is like planting a seed – with the right mixture of water, soil and sun, a tiny seed can grow into mighty tree as to how a child will grow into a selfless leader. Therefore, she constantly creates moments where the children can grow and shine in their own unique ways.

Having graduated with B.A. (Hons) Psychology from UCSI University with a full JPA sponsorship, she is constantly intrigued by the way the human mind and behaviour works. Winnie has been working with children from 4 to 12 years old in various education institutions such as kindergartens, day-care centres, tuition centres and special need centres by focusing on the children’s body and mind health condition as a holistic approach.

Winnie is also a Certified NLP Practitioner by ABNLP.

Winnie’s passion is to discover children strengths, grow and nurture them to live their fullest potential. Hence, as a coach, she grasps every opportunity to run various classes and workshops that focuses on building children’s leadership and showmanship.

Armed with an intensive understanding of psychological and practical experiences in counselling and coaching, she’s a master when comes to coaching using various psychotherapy technique.

Get in touch with her and be inspired!


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