This masterclass will bring you peace of mind
and sense of serenity at home

Discover life-changing emotional mastery NOW !

Coach Olly, HANKidz Parenting Coach

Coach Olly | co-founder of HANKidz

  • a mother of two that has to juggle between building the business, managing the operations, finance & coaches, taking care of the household, the kids as well as their studies. 
  • A certified master practitioner in Neuro Linguistics Programming & certified master practitioner in Time Line Therapy®️
  • She developed HANKidz’s children leadership modules and parenting workshops and has helped many families and parents overcome their challenges and build a happy, loving and blissful home.
  • She has coached more than 100 children in a weekly basis.
  • She passionately coaches 100 families in a monthly basis.

You need a guide to go through this time of crisis...

Are you struggling at home?

  • Do you feel stressed and doubt yourself on juggling all the different responsibilities and having kids 24-7 at home with their various demands / behaviors, and end up blowing up at kids and your spouse easily?
  • Do you feel frustrated and guilty as your children are lacking attention and are acting up big time through tantrums, whining, crying, power struggles?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed that your emotions are easily triggered at home by your children because they don't listen, and they want MORE attention from you?
  • Do you feel helpless and anxious when the siblings fight amongst themselves and you are expected to be their mediator but end up being accused of being unfair or not loving them?

Have you thought of solving all problems
and you will be:

Feeling pride as you get to enjoy blissful loving moments with your children at home and having the space to get your work done as well.

 Feeling loved as your children are understanding. They are able to communicate and proactively find solutions to meet their own needs.

Feeling at ease as your children are loving and caring towards siblings and are able to work together and help each other and parent out.

If you want to feel peaceful, here are 3 reasons why EASE & BLISS Parenting Masterclass is designed for you!

Heal & Feel

The ancient world of peaceful sage and their mystical healing and mindfulness practices.

It helps us to remain centered and present to consciously choose our parenting approach and to catch ourselves fast enough when we are on automatic mode so that we can be the role model for our children.

Coach And Rescue Emotions

The scientific world of powerful modeling and understanding of the human mind, behaviour and structured approach in creating transformation via NLP,  and various Coaching modalities, to bring out the best in you and your children too!

Parenting Hacks & Relax

The Practical World of Parenting Life Hacks on how parents can incorporate some simple and widely tested, step-by-step strategies to guide yourself and to coach your children, in the moment when the emotional outburst happens, as well as long-term strategies that will help to prevent similar situation from happening again. 

They have gained EASE & BLISS! You can have it too!

Meet our founder, Coach Hanky

I want to have EASE & BLISS!

Easy Peasy Guarantee

To be frank, the team of coaches have been really putting a lot of effort creating massive value for parents and children. We know clearly on our purpose, it is to serve and to be here to be your guidance.  It is 100% unconditional love and passion!
The parents are not struggling anymore and they are even enjoying so much by learning together with their kids so much. Parents get to have their breather at home and no longer stress out!
Parents are thanking us for being able to continue their child’s learning and giving them some much needed free time and undisturbed working space.
But for many of you who know me, I’m a firm believer in growing the pie instead of getting a bigger slice.
Which is why I’m giving this away at such a low cost to be able to support parents from every background to build harmonious family, and your family definitely deserves this.
And I know it might be hard to believe that such a big difference is only a small step away, which is why I’m going to give you my personal word on this.
If you do not gain any value from the first series, mark my word, you will get FULL MONEY BACK, with no questions asked.

What will you be learning IN MASTERCLASS ?


Learn the 4 emotional truths and 3 tools that set you free from pain and disempowering emotions forever!


Change starts with me. Discover 9 profound ways to manage your own emotions and let go of emotions that does not serve you, eventually get you to be calm, centered, patient and blissful.


Discover step-by-step ways to handle 7 types of negative emotions in your children, parenting hacks on how to click a reset button and build a fresh start to emotion management of your children.


All you need to know in 8 key videos on how to rebuild a healthy and loving relationship between siblings where fights are minimized and love is maximized.


  • FREE Little Leader's Kit for your child (5-7 years old) learning about emotional mastery to become confident, happy and calm!
  • FREE 1 Ease & Bliss Parenting Interactive Workshop after all video series.
  • FREE "Art of Gamification" video and discover the secret of getting your child to do house chores in a fun way!


only for those who wants to be a better parent!




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