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You are Losing Your Personal Time!

The emotional struggle during this unprecedented time is real!

Malaysia announced that MCO period is extended again and again. HANKidz has pressed the emergency button on the first week of MCO and we shifted our physical activity-based learning into online-based. We started asking ourselves, what are the things we can do to support the children and parents at home?

A question among the team shifted the whole paradigm. We started to find ways helping and supporting parents and children. Hope brought us back on track and we have gotten a great news to parents! We did virtual learning and coaching classes, and that feedback from most of the parents are fabulous! Parents want us to engage children more from home, building leadership and directly applying it at home with family!

Why do you need this Little Leader’s Kits at home?

For parents who have children from 3 to 4 years old… We know how you feel!

  • You are afraid that your child is not learning according to their age.
  • You are cracking your head to engage your child with fun and impactful activities.
  • You are having a dilemma and stressing whether your child is ready for school!

For parents who have children from 5-7 years old… We know your fear!

  • Feeling frustrated when your child lose patience when they can’t get what they want.
  • Feeling miserable & unloved when you’ve done your best but your child still shout and throw tantrums.
  • You child refuses to communicate and he/she is very emotional while talking to you, and you do not know what to do!

We are here to save you!

Little Leader’s School Bag

All About Me Level 1

Little Leader’s Kit

Unlock the Leaders Within:
My Emotion Journey

Little Leader’s School Bag (3-4 years old child)

Your child will become a little leader who has:


Theories do not last long in our memories, but experiences do! Through games & activities, children discover their mode of being and how they operate. Children are going to experience effective learning at the same time instilling leadership qualities according to their age. Your child will grow and learn so much while shaping their leadership characters at home!


Different children learn differently. With our qualified and experienced preschool teachers, children get to learn from the best while staying at home! All of our teachers love children and they are very dedicated to always give the best for every child. Our lively and passionate teachers are bringing fun into your home for your children! Learning can be fun and impactful!


Children learn best when they want to learn, and not forced to learn. Hence, we make our classes really fun and engaging through fun-filled activities, games, stories and unique experiences. With the fun learning and engaging experience with the team, your child will be emotionally, physically, and mentally ready for school when MCO is uplifted! You will never need to handle a crying child and push them to school anymore.

Little Leader’s Kit (5-7 years old child)

Your child will become a little leader who has:


Imagine your children able to manage their emotions well, be it in school or at home. Through fun and engaging learning with our team, your children will understand the importance and ways of managing emotions. They will no longer react on situation and burst into emotions, but able to calm down and eventually attract positive people around them!


Once children are able to master and manage their emotions well, you will no longer need to shout and scream at your children when their emotions burst out. They will be able to express to you verbally and you and your child will become buddies at home! They will openly communicate to you and even become a strong pillar of your emotional support when you need them!


Emotion is the house of everything. Once your children are able to manage their emotions well, communication will be so much easier with your children. They can get along with you so much easier and you no longer need to worry how your actions sometimes will hurt them. You get to empower your children to become part of your team to run errands and help you out at home!


  • Dear all HANKCoaches, I'm so happy that I have achieved my goal this year as a soaring star in my school and won numerous national competitions. All of you especially coach Olly, KC, Hank, Loki have supported me all the way to engage and grow especially in times of challenges. HANKidz has trained and coached me to be a leader not only for myself, but equipped me with tools to face challenges and work effectively with people in my life. Thanks so much. I really learnt a lot from you all to make me visionary, determined and passionate towards what I do.

    Summer Saw Graduate of Leader’s Path, Jan 2017
  • The camp has altered my skills; such as patience, leadership, communication and team work. I've learnt so much in three days, my biggest achievement was being patience and tolerant as a group leader, and how I learnt it was through effective communication and positive relationship with my group members to achieve the same goal. Other fun experiences include going all out (100%), and winning comes after having fun.

    The coaches who organized this event are truly passionate about children motivation and leadership, and are caring and inspiring. Having to see the coaches and my friends’ faces light up is not something I will forget soon.

    Go HANKidz!

    STUDENT - Nuan Ning Participant of Sri KL Music Camp, August 2016
  • We have sent our daughter to Hankidz since she was 7 years old. She was the only child in our family therefore being self centered and everyone has to listen to her. But after gone thru classes at Hankidz, we found that she will put herself into other people's shoe instead of ME first. She also has started to manage her time well. We also seen her improvement and proactiveness in her studies. The coaches here were very caring and passionate towards their coaching too.

    We have no regret to let our child to join Hankidz for the past few years. Thank you Hankidz!
    Collie Pang Parents


50,000 children have been impacted and transformed into a leader at home and in school all around the world!

Will your child be the next leader?

What is the most important thing for the children is to achieve the best version of themselves…

A long time ago, having a university degree played a major role to ensure the success of an individual because in those days, knowledge is king.

However, in today’s world where knowledge is easily accessible, labour is replaced with robots and AI, degree is no longer enough and you must equip your child with the right mindset, grit and leadership abilities for their future success! Building your child’s character is super crucial at this point of time. Your child grows really fast, and you can never buy back time. Don’t miss their golden period!

What is Little Leader’s Kits?


  • 3 recorded videos (deliver to your email)
  • Digital copies of activity sheet and learning material
  • LIVE Meet & Greet session with characters (Only for first 30 children)


  • Live interactions with qualified and experienced teachers
  • FREE 1 Parenting Video worth RM199 to “Understand The Relationship of Your Emotions With Your Child”
  • First 30 children get to have LIVE Meet & Greet session with characters


  • Promising Progress  (Instant Application after attending the session)
  • Participatory Programme (Interactive and Fun learning)
  • Positive Psychology (Affirmation and Empowering language from teachers)


  • 3 recorded videos (deliver to your email)
  • Digital Copies of Learning Worksheet


  • 3 Fun Titan DIY Kits for FREE!
  • FREE 1 Parenting Video worth RM199 to “Understand The Relationship of Your Emotions With Your Child”
  • First 30 children get to have LIVE Meet & Greet session with characters FULL!


  • Step 1: Calm Creator
    Children learn to recognize their own emotion and the ways to be calm when emotion occurs
  • Step 2: Empathetic Expresser
    Children learn the importance of expressing emotion and the better ways to express it out 
  • Step 3: Special Shifter
    Children learn how to shift themselves out from the negative emotion in order to be in a beautiful state.

Little leader wants to say Hi to you!

My Personal Guarantee to You

To be frank, I am really proud of what our team of coaches & teachers have been creating for the children. It is 100% unconditional love and passion!

The parents are not struggling anymore and they are even enjoying themselves to learn together with their kids so much. The parents get to have their breather at home and no longer stress out!

Parents are thanking us for being able to continue their child’s learning and giving them some much needed free time and undisturbed working space.

But for many of you who know me, I’m a firm believer in growing the pie instead of getting a bigger slice.

Which is why I’m giving this away at such a low cost to be able to support parents from every background to still instill leadership and build your child’s character despite hard time.

And I know it might be hard to believe that such a big difference is only a small step away, which is why I’m going to give you my personal word on this.

If your child says that he/she does not enjoy, which I highly doubt will happen,

I will give you a 100% refund back, no questions asked.

All you need to do is shoot me an email and we will arrange the full refund for you.


*For the parents who are new with HANKidz…


  • FREE access to HANKidz Facebook Parenting Support Group worth RM399
  • FREE 1 Paradigm Shift Parenting Session
  • FREE HANKidz Lifetime Premium Membership (enjoy discounted price for all services)


First 30 children get to have a Meet & Greet LIVE session
with the characters from the Little Leader’s Kits!



Grab it before it ends!

Pay now and you will receive your bonus video IMMEDIATELY
in your mailbox!


RM29 / bag ONLY

original price: RM119

RM49 / kit ONLY

original price: RM159

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