HANKidz’s Monthly Workshops are designed to impart critical & fundamental skills for your child to create results in their life.

Being confident to speak up, being creative and think out of the box as well as being able to be effective in managing their time, energy and other resources are critical but not taught in school or anywhere!



5 – 12 years old

Being curious is a gift that children are naturally born with.

How do you nurture their curiosity and turn it into CREATIVITY and create something more?

Every breakthrough invention is an example of how people use HIGHER ORDER THINKING SKILLS to create something out of nothing that’ll enhance a human’s life.

Gift your child the ability to:

  • Have a systematic way of analysing & problem solving any challenges in their life
  • Find out their own preferred way of brainstorming and create amazing things in their life
  • Make decisions easily and preempt challenges ahead of time!


5 – 12 years old

Every child has the potential to be the leader of tomorrow if they choose to SPEAK UP and have their thoughts be heard!

Does your child speak up confidently?

Do they make a stand when it matters?


Gift your child the ability to:

  • Build up your child’s confidence to speak up their thoughts
  • Structure their thoughts and speech easily so that they can improve their response time
  • Know what it takes to be convincing and add value in their speeches to impact others positively?

Equip your child with the tools to make them the leaders of their lives, where they are able to think creatively and critically, at the same time speak up to lead others!

Come join our Monthly Workshops and give your child a headstart to take charge of their own lives!



23 Feb 2020

8 Mar 2020

12 Apr 2020

10 May 2020

14 June 2020

19 July 2020

9 Aug 2020

13 Sept 2020

11 Oct 2020

8 Nov 2020


9am – 1pm

(light snacks included)


5 – 7 years old

8 – 12 years old


1 workshop: RM210 only

5 workshops: RM998 only

10 workshops: RM1,890 only

Make payment to :

HANKidz Zone Sdn Bhd
OCBC : 171-100-854-8

Contact us for more details!


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