You are your child’s first role model and your child’s first port of call.

Equipping yourself to be able to coach your child easily and effectively will not just create bliss in your current family’s life, but also the lives of your grandchildren to come.

Let’s nurture them to be the best that they can be, easily and blissfully!

Come join our Parenting Mastery Workshop to learn practical, easy tools and key distinctions that’ll fill up your home with even more calming, loving, happy and blissful moments.

Let’s make this year the year that you can coach your child with ease and bliss to:

Love and Respect Siblings, Others and More!

Be Proactive and Responsible

Shift Away From Their Negative Emotions

Build their Confidence and Empowering Beliefs

Conquer Their Fears and Take The First Step

Recover From “Failure” and Become Stronger



23 Feb 2020

8 Mar 2020

12 Apr 2020

10 May 2020

14 June 2020

19 July 2020

9 Aug 2020

13 Sept 2020

11 Oct 2020

8 Nov 2020


9am – 1pm

(light snacks included)


1 workshop: RM250 only

5 workshops: RM1,000only

10 workshops: RM1,500 only

Make payment to :

HANKidz Zone Sdn Bhd OCBC : 171-100-854-8

Spouse joins at a special rate. Contact us for more details!


Coach Olly is a passionate and inspiring coach and speaker.  She loves children and is a proud mom of two adorable children.  She believes that children have infinite possibilities and potentials, it’s up to us to nurture them to unleash their full potential and let them live their life to the fullest.  She also believes that parenting is a life-long learning journey and good parenting will not only transform the children’s destiny, but the destiny of generations to come.

She started her career as a professional business consultant in a Big Four accounting firm for 8 years and subsequently their in-house trainer for 4 years.  The need to start a family triggered her to look beyond what she was doing and she soon found her calling as a coach and trainer for children, parents and adults alike.

Coach Olly co-founded HANKidz, a leadership coaching organization that aims to transform children into leaders.  She has a hand in developing all the HANKidz modules to coach children, parents and educators using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and experiential learning methodology.

For half a decade, she has trained hundreds of children to overcome and breakthrough from their limiting beliefs, negative habits and learned disability.  Children start to believe in themselves, take actions, be driven, be responsible, have grit, be able to manage their emotions, communicate and work with others effectively and unleash their full potential.

She is a certified master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming by ABNLP, certified master practitioner in Time Line Therapy® by TLTA and master practitioner in Hypnotherapy by ABH, a fellow member of ACCA and qualified CFA member (2004-2009).

Coach Olly believes in life-long learning and constantly seeks out profound knowledge that would create breakthroughs in life and implements them in her coaching, training, and daily life.  In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.



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