My Emotion Journey with Story Alive!

A Virtual Workshop For Your Child to Learn About Emotion Management with Fun Characters that Come Alive!

Our story...

Robot CE, Ms Midnight, Little Rhyme and Pony need your help in the adventure! They are ready to open many secret doors and find out what is behind them. But what is going to happen in the adventure? Are they meeting someone friendly, or someone who is challenging?

“Touching Storyline, more people should enjoy it.”

This is really a great place and I really enjoyed the session! More people should come and enjoy the show! It is educational and the storyline is touching! I personally enjoyed it and there was one point i felt like crying because of the story!
Caleb mom, Mrs Toni

1,2 buckle my seat. 3,4 pick up snacks. 5,6 lay them straight. 7,8 Sit back, relax. 9,10 Story Alive is coming LIVE for you! Join the Story Alive characters on new adventures as they discover unexpected doors popping up in Story Alive's Cloud Kingdom. Let your child bask in fun story and learn about teamwork and confidence while you are unwinding yourself.

Ms Midnight is calling you!

Ms Midnight received a secret pass code... and she went into an unknown place accidentally!

What is going to happen?
Who will she meet?

Let's find out!

why would your children love story alive?

engaging storytelling

Do you have a lot of imagination when you are reading story book? Imagine all the characters come alive and interact with you! They can tell stories and play games to engage with your child!

fun for everyone

It is not only fun for children, but it is fun for even adult! The children will be engaged throughout story alive show and it increases children’s attention and focus because children learn best when they are having fun!


Your children will be uplifted and inspired by the story as well as the characters. Children are learning emotional management through fun and impactful story telling. Your children can learn how to manage their emotional state well and you no longer get headache when they are throwing tantrums! 

Story Alive is calling you!


1. FREE "Art of Gamification" Parenting Video worth RM199 to discover the secret of getting your child to do house chores in a fun way!

2. FREE "Understanding the Relationship of Your Emotions with Your Child" Parenting Video worth RM199 to teach your children emotion management at home!

3. HANKidz Lifetime Premium Membership FREE for you to enjoy privilege discount for all services, program, event etc.


Just one more thing for you...
FREE Photo & Studio session with all characters!

our showtime

DATE: 13th June 2020 (SAT)

TIME: 4.30-6.30pm

Normal Price: RM99.00


Kindly check on your email to receive the Zoom link!
Zoom link will be sent to you 24 hour before the live workshop.

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