Career with Us

Our coaches are not just academically excellent, they are also great communicators, motivators, passionate and are leaders in their own rights.

We believe that the coaches “being” have a profound impact on what and how children learn. Children not only learn what they’re taught, they learn best by modelling others.

If you’re dynamic, fun-loving, enterprising, responsible and have a big heart, we want you!

Call us to get trained and certified as our coaches.

We’ll provide you the tools and competencies in understanding, communicating and inspiring children, including conducting various classes, camps and more!


10 Reasons Why You Should Be Part of the HANKidz Team

1. We are constantly saving the world

As a coach, your role is to develop enlightened leaders through children. You plant the seeds of success in them and thus ensuring them becoming an individual that will make a difference to the world.

2. Our job is to play

Imagine rescuing Mr. Teddy from a trapped island. Imagine turning Mr. Plastic alive with your magic abilities and putting smiles onto the children’s faces. That’s what you will do.

3. Your learning curve is organic here…not linear

We will groom you into a coach and equip you with tools to help a child. Our selection process is very strict and the training is intense but it is all worth it when you make a difference to the child.

4. You are our partner

If you ever dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, it is time for you to wake up and make that dream come true with us. Our ultimate path is have you as our business partner.

5. Time doesn’t exist

Sometimes we work 7 days a week or we might until midnight. But there are times, we also watch movie on days where people are trapped in a traffic jam or to go shopping when the time is right. You are in control of your time here, but a disclaimer would be, we will constantly challenge you to stretch yourself in making your vision a reality.

6. Work life integration not balance

When your colleague is your family and work is fun, you no longer have to balance between the two. Since you are going to spend lots of hours in your life on work, you might as well enjoy what you are doing through work.

7. Work is an adventure

Imagine connecting a child with her mum whom they have not seen each other for 10 years. Imagine transforming the life of a child from diverse background and adversity. The work here will bring you different kind of adventure and it is always a new experience everyday.

8. We are fun and whacky

Well, we guess the title says it all. Instead of bringing your resume to the interview, please bring your passion, energy and your true self here.

9. You are the creator

Here we provide you the space to create a legacy of your own (once we are sure that you are ready). We have lots of new workshops and programme created by the coaches themselves (who are equip with the right skills of cause) and they can be creative in that.

10. You create the meaning here

At the end of the day, the meaning of life is not to be discovered but rather to be created. You DECIDE how your life should be, you CHART your vision and if it is aligned with our vision, we will work hand in hand with you to make your vision come true.

Give us a call NOW and let’s enjoy this journey together!

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